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¿Which are the different finishes of natural Stone?

We offer the following finishes:

Polished: with this finish we can obtain the maximum range of colour and brightness in the surface.

Honed: with this finish we will get the full colour of the natural stone, but without bright, this is, matt.

Aged: this finish is obtained artificially eroding of the natural stone surface. As a result, we get a rustic finish of great beauty.


¿Is it hard to collocate the natural stone?


Is not harder than the collocation of any other type of pavement, in any case, always follow professional indications.


¿Is it natural stone expensive?




There is a wide range of products of stone and marble where you will find every economical prices.

If you compare natural stone prices with other quality materials, you won't see much difference between them.


¿Is it natural stone resistent to weathering?


Absolutly, if after 10 years you want to have your marble or stone (polished or honed) like the first day, you will only have to perform a glazing on it and it will look as good as new.

If you have an aged pavement you won't have to do anything, as more time boes by better it will look. The natural stone wearing will make it, if possible, even better.


¿How much quatity of natural stone will I need to pave a surface?


You will always have to increase around the 10 or 15% the quantity of the surface in matter. Tis extra will be the aproximated waste of cuttings and corners.


¿Which floor sizes do exist?


Given that natural stone is cutted from big rough blocks extracted from the mountains, we could say that any size is possible. Nevertheless, our proposal is the following ones:

60 x 40 x 2 cms. 
60 x 30 x 2 cms. 
40 x 40 x 2 cms. 
Free large x 30 x 2 cms. 
Free large x 40 x 2 cms. 
Free large x 50 x 2 cms. 
60 x 60 x 2 cms. 
Tile 30'5 x 30'5 x 1 cms.


¿Which sizes do I choose?


The golden rule is that small places support all types of small sizes. Big rooms are much more elegant with big sizes. As from a room over 60 m2, we advise using a size of 60 x 60 x 2 cms. If the small and the big places are together, our proposal is to choose the big size according to the bigger room, the aim of this is to create an effect of bigger surface in the whole.


¿Which preservation does the natural stone require?


There is a variety of products on the market aiming to preserve your pave. Nevertheless, the best way of preserving it is:

- Use soaped water for the cleaning, avoiding aggresive detergent. Use only neutral products, try not to employ chemical agent that may change their natural properties.

-Avoid metal brushes, sandblast, scrapers and steam water at high pressure.

-Use a cotton cloth (mop)to clean the dust, like in any other coating.

-Clean the surfice with clean water.

-Dry afterwards with the mop or cotton cloth.


¿Are imitations better than natural stone?


All the great cultures have leave a trail in history under the magnificent from of natural stone buildings.

The best imitation could never be equal to the natural beuty of stone.

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